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ABSOLUTE IT CONSULTING CO.,LTD, creates significant business advantage for its clients. Established in 2012, staff’s experience since 2004 in network cabling, data center design and construction, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Precision Air Condition (PAC), Fire Alarm, Fire Suppression System (FAS), and Security Manangement System (SMS).

ABSOLUTE IT believes in the right and timely deployment of technology to enhance business and industrial operations. ABSOLUTE IT guides every enterprise the essentials of advance medium to maintain growth in a rapidly developing market and exploit new revenue potential. [read more]

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Web design, Graphic design and Software development
We offer complete Web design, graphic design, programming development and other web services.
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) has the load capacity to serve a broad range of electrical equipment such as servers, mainframe computers, network equipment and electronic control systems.
Access Control
It is common that we use the access control to monitor and control the involving person entering your data center.
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