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From concept to completion ABSOLUTE IT provides the facility solutions to meet all of our customers needs.

Implementing the design and ensuring the project can be built within the quality and budget parameters established for the project, are tasks our construction specialists provide before any construction is begun. By having the input of the construction project manager, key sub-contractors, and vendors on board early, constructability, safety, and mobilization issues are dealt with up front, preventing costly claims and litigation down the road. We call this approach Integrated Services, and believe so strongly in the process, we will compete in cost, quality, schedule, and safety with any standard construction process. This way of designing and building facilities has changed the way our clients build facilities that they won't go back to the old design-bid-build process that fosters mistrust and litigation.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) has the load capacity to serve a broad range of electrical equipment such as servers, mainframe computers, network equipment and electronic control systems.
The battery backup of an UPS shall provide the high quality power to your servers and equipment throughout the outages.

All topology of UPS can be provided including True On-Line Double Conversion, On-Line Delta Conversion and Line Interactive UPS.
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Standby Generator
The standby generator is required to support the load of servers, computer and networking equipment through the UPS as well as all others equipment in Data Center such as air condition and security system. The standby generator shall supply the power during the outages automatically by the use of Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS).
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The Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) provides protection for your data center against damaging spikes and surges that would otherwise destroy your hardware, servers, data and application.

Designed to mount at your main electrical panel board, which will offer you the high quality of protection from incoming surges and spikes.
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The precision air condition performs the best capability in heat removal for Data Center, which can control the temperature and humidity level precisely. PAC shall provide the suitable environment in Data Center at 22±1C, 50±5%RH.

PAC is made to serve the non-stop operation business (24x7x365 Operation), which helps you to avoid the cost of downtime and also has energy saving features that can help you decrease the operating cost of your Data Center Operation.
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In applications for Data Center all around the world, whenever or wherever fire is a potential threat, FM-200 fire suppression systems are a natural choice. The FM-200 fire extinguishing agent is available only from Great Lakes Chemical Corporation and its exclusive fire suppression system manufacturer partners. Only FM-200 has achieved component recognition from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Factory Mutual Research (FM) - your guarantee of a fire extinguisher that meets the industry's strictest standards of Data Center and server room for quality. Only FM-200 system dealers can offer customers the powerful fire protection advantages of FM-200 suppression systems.
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High Sensitivity Smoke Detector (HSSD) provides early warning fire detection in a unit whose physical appearance is sleek and sophisticated.

The HSSD uses a laser particle counter to detect highly diluted smoke at concentrations as low as 0.003% obscuration per foot. This shall send you an advance warning before a fire emergency.
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The lightweight cement raised floor shall be used in the Data Center to provide the under floor space for cable wiring and management as well as to be the plenum of the airflow from the Precision Air Condition unit.
The perforated panel and under floor thermal insulation are needed for down flow airflow distribution of the PAC.

If there are some equipment that have their weight more than limitation of the building floor load, the additional shared load steel or floor reinforcement is required to minimize the point load of these equipment.
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When designing a data center it is common to provide a 1-2 hour rated envelope or wall system to form your space. This entails a UL (Underwriters Laboratories) rated system that extends from the floor to the deck above. The walls are tightly sealed with tape and spackle to form a continuous barrier. The areas that become an issue are the gaps between the ceiling/ wall and wall/ floor. To help ensure that the walls are properly rated, firestopping is provided to fill these gaps. In addition, installation of cables and conduits through the walls must also consider fire containment.
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We provide installation, maintenance and support services for structured cabling systems, and also engage in the distribution of cabling systems and their components. Structured cabling systems are the main cabling infrastructure supporting the technological and telecommunications network of offices and buildings and provide the paths by which computer, PABX and other telecommunications signals are transmitted.
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It is common that we use the access control to monitor and control the involving person entering your data center. We can provide you from the basic proximity card reader to the higher security of finger scan or hand scan reader. The access control system of your data center can be linked with any other doors in your office for centralize controlling and monitoring. The information of door entering can be stored in the database server for future use or investigation.

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The closed circuit television (CCTV) allows you to monitor and record the movement in your data center, this can ensure that you will get the high level of security. All the movement shall be stored in the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) which is saved in a digital format and easily be reviewed via PC computer in your network. All data center area can be monitored by locating CCTV cameras in the desired position.
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Water Leakage Detection System detects and reports the presence and the exact location of water and other conductive liquids. When a conductive liquid comes in contact with patented water detection cable, the system pinpoints the location of the leak. Within seconds, the system's alarm sounds and the distance to the leak is shown on the four-line liquid crystal display (LCD). The operator then cross-references this distance with the cable route map and quickly locates the water problem.
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After the office hours or holiday, if there is something wrong with your facility or network, the remote alarm monitoring shall help you informed and keep you in touch with your data center operation. By using Short Message Services (SMS), the remote alarm monitoring can inform you through your mobile phone in case any of your system fails such as electrical system and/or air conditioning system. This protects and let you know any little problem before it becomes a big disaster.
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We offer complete Web design, graphic design, programming development and other web services. We deliver expert solutions for small, medium and large project, based on the best web design practices including interactive Flash websites, standard compliant XHTML websites, dynamic database, web application and web services. All with fresh look and cutting edge technology that enables you to do just more.
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After Sale Services

We believe the heart of after sales services are speediness and efficiency.
We prepare to respond to customer’s needs within 3 hours of their call depending on the type of equipment.
Our repair and maintenance teams will go out into the field with prepared in sufficient quantities to meet any contingency. If any of our product fails to work, we will provide you a replacement until your own product has been repaired.

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